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Doen of zijn, een brief aan mijn zus.

Ja, doe maar dik geld ja. 😉 Een dikke portemeja! Een vette, dikke bankrekening!

Ik las vandaag Terah.
Terah, November 29, 2011Many of you don’t think much about your prevailing point of attraction – you’re too busy dealing with that world out there. You know about the Law Of Attraction, but you don’t connect the dots between what you’re thinking now, and now, and now, and what’s showing up in your life. And yet each and every part of Your World is an intersection of matching pieces – pieces that match your beliefs and expectations, that match the story you tell about who you are and who those other people are. It’s your everyday habits of thought that define your existence – all of it.And when we say all of it, most of you think SOME of it. We don’t mean some of it, we mean ALL of it. You create the good and the bad, the good relationships and the bad ones, the fun times and the miserable times, your own good health or sickness, and the health or sickness of those around you. In Your World, you create it ALL. You are the author of the screenplay of the movie called My Life On Earth. All the actors in your movie are faithfully following that screenplay.

So pause for a moment here and think about those everyday thoughts. It’s not your episodes of strong emotion that rule the day, it’s how you’re thinking about all those small things – the traffic when you’re driving, buying things with that limited resource called money, trying to find your keys, dealing with people that don’t do what you want them to, and that pain right there that seems to be getting worse. Now think, are those everyday feelings anywhere near to the Peace and Power, the Fun and Freedom, of being in alignment, of being who you really are?

Can you see that if you choose by default to allow “reality” to mesmerize you, if you dismiss all this talk about your vibration because its all very nebulous, it will always come in second place after DOing – DOing the stuff you think you should do to survive and thrive. And you will have it exactly backwards. It’s not what you DO that matters at all. It’s by your thought choices that you create everything. Not some things, not just those things, not most things, EVERYTHING!

You are the conductor of the orchestra that is your body. When you allow your everyday thoughts to be less than who you really are, you have stepped away from the podium and the orchestra is leaderless. If you’re away often enough and long enough, eventually something in the orchestra is going to start playing out of tune. There’ll be that twinge of pain and then you’ll start to focus on what could be wrong. And next you’ll be thinking. I’d better go to the doctor and have that checked. Why? Let’s look long and hard at that “Why” question. It is key.

Firstly understand that as you are creating it, a doctor’s job is to look for things that are “wrong” with you. Then they diagnose what it is (give it a label and some characteristics) and then prescribe some treatment or other to fix the problem. They ask about your parents because the prevailing belief system is that how they fared is a good indicator of how you will fare. They will warn you about the things that statistically could go wrong for you and give you ways of avoiding them. Ask yourself, is that really heading you in the direction of focusing on what you want?

Perhaps you believe the physical thing that is you right now is in a certain condition and the task is to find out what that is, and surely the doctor will find what the doctor will find, and tell you about it. Perhaps you would say that you simply want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that it’s nothing serious, or if it is serious, that you catch it as early as you can so that the prescribed treatment has a better chance of success.

But here’s the all important question. Are you choosing to go to the doctor primarily out of fear, or are you simply choosing an easy-to-follow path that feels good? And the answer is all important because THIS is how you are writing your screenplay. Everybody in your movie, including the character that is you, is your creation. You have chosen the version of you that’s showing up right now. The version of the doctor that shows up is your creation. What the doctor says is your creation. If you think a doctor can give you answers from outside of you, you are wrong. Nobody can do that.

In truth, a doctor can do nothing but alleviate symptoms – because even what they may define as an underlying cause, is still only a symptom. The real underlying cause is that you have stepped away from the podium too much for too long. Of course we would never discourage you from relieving symptoms. Relief is always a good idea. If you have a headache, take an aspirin. It’s just that if the underlying cause remains, then something else that matches that set point will inevitably show up. It is law.

So if you have fears, we would encourage you to let them go and freely step into your power. See yourself as in charge. Try this. Proclaim to the world – “YOU don’t get to define what happens to ME. I define that. YOU don’t get to take a freeze-frame picture of me at a certain instant in this time/space reality and declare that I’ve got this or that condition. YOU are not the author of my screenplay. I am. I am creating it all”. Yes you are!

Can you feel the difference here? You are denying the falsity of the picture. You are stepping up to the podium. You are tap, tap, tapping your baton to get attention and raising your arms. And the symphony begins in glorious harmony. Do you feel the Power and Freedom of that? Feel it within you, and if you must decide whether to go to the doctor, always do it from this place. Do it from the total awareness of what’s actually going on here. Do it for relief, but never from fear.

Then there are those others in your life. Surely they create their own reality. Yes they do, exactly as you do, in an infinite number of versions. And you will attract into your experience the version that matches your screenplay. Consciously of course you want them well, but they like everything else in Your-World-Unique-To-You, will conform to your conscious and your subconscious expectations. You cannot guard against illness. What you resist persists. Choose to imagine wellness for you and those close to you. Hold to that picture and the world will conform to that. It is law.

And so we come full circle back to where we started. Every piece of Your World is attracted to you as a match to your vibration. Sometimes it is not easy to understand how you attracted this or that, but it is really not important to know HOW. As for all things in your past (or future) creation, how is NOT the relevant question. The real question is WHAT. WHAT do you want?

WHAT do you want? Write it down. Let it flow. And if you see yourself defining it in terms of what you don’t want, change that thought. If you see words like “less” or “relief” or “safety”, recognize that implied in that thought is relief from what, or safety from what. Move to positive terms. If you will let “WHAT do I want” (in positive terms only) be your uppermost question, our promise to you is that your life will change, and that WHAT will start flowing to you. Once you turn the boat downstream and throw those oars overboard, life can never be the same again.

Dat is het, ieder moment, niet moeilijk doen, een andere realiteit zien.

Vlak daarna deed ik een visualisatie.

Dat sterkte het beeld van mijn ik die overvloedig is.

Van de week heb ik 2 dagen m’n ogen rood gehuild hierom.

Niet omdat Jerry naar de andere kant toe is maar om dat actie/ zijn gedoe. Het gaat niet om wat we doen, het gaat om wat we zijn. Dat weet ik, doen komt van zijn, zijn is niet omdat we doen. Rijk zijn is niet omdat we doen, we doen omdat we rijk zijn. pppfffff hahahahahha

In ieder geval is vandaag een nieuwe dag! En het is de dag dat ik mij ieder moment weer anders wil voelen dan gister, mij anders kan voelen dan gister! Mij anders voel! Het vraagt mijn aandacht alleen, potdorie, ik heb al heel veel geoefend met mijn focus. Dus, ik ben rijk. Rijk met alles! It is done! Het is waar. Woorden komen niet in de buurt van het gevoel. Wie ben ik? Wat ben ik? Een ander mens lol.

Gister begon het met mij weer beter voelen. Een beslissing. Ik ben 23 okt. ziek gaan doen. Erg verkouden. En dat wilde niet weg. Ik realiseerde mij dat ik hetzelfde machteloze doe met die verkouden toestand als met rijkheid. Ondertussen zit mijn oor dicht en was het wel heel duidelijk, luister naar mijZelf! Ik hoor mijzelf harder dan anderen. Mijzelf met mijn tekort, machteloze, angst gedachten en gepraat en als ik stil ben ook mijn innerlijke wijsheid. Gister dacht ik, het is afgelopen. Ik heb een uitstekend immuun systeem, ik ben sterk en krachtig en flexibel, ik word vanzelf weer beter. Ik slik n.m. al ruim een week antibiotica en zelfs dat leek niets uit te maken. Ik deed ook zo machteloos angstig.

Nou is dit niet echt voor het eerst. Ik heb mij eerder vastberaden gevoeld alleen daar was ook de angst dat het niet zou lukken. Ik hou mijzelf voor, in een flits van een gedachte, dat het een proces is en dat ik verder ben gekomen. Nu is niet het verleden. Rendement verkregen in het verleden is geen garantie voor de toekomst!

Het maakt mij blij en dat is de aanwijzing. Dat is de juiste weg. Zo gauw de angst voelbaar is, de twijfel gedachten de kop opsteken, weet ik dat dat niet de waarheid is. De waarheid maakt mij lichter, onwaarheid maakt mij somber.

Dus vandaag is de dag dat ik mij rijk voel. Ik zie rijkheid, ik voel rijkheid en ik ben rijk. Ik zie en voel een ander leven dan gister. Ieder moment dat ik gister voel ben ik mij bewust! Stop! Het is anders nu! Hoe en wanneer het uiterlijk verandert ben ik niet mee bezig, ik voel mij veel fijner, dat is waar het om gaat! Ik voel mij alsof het al uiterlijk is verandert! Joepie!